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Developing Your Brand | No BS Coaching Advice Podcast

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A No BS episode about developing your personal brand.


Hi, I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I’m called The Game Hunter because I hunted down leaders and staff organizations for more than 40 years,

You may have heard the term branding in the context of job hunting, and you may have even started doing some work on branding-- creating a profile for yourself on LinkedIn, developing a reputation for yourself you in your profession. That's all fine and good.

If you're 1st learning about branding, congratulations! You’re going to be doing work to help yourself, not on this job search, but on the next one. That’s because the fact is branding is not something that you do overnight and suddenly people go, “Oh! That’s Lady Gaga in front of us! That’s unbelievable!”

Lady Gaga and others like her spent years becoming Lady Gaga. They worked on creating an image for themselves. They suddenly didn’t just pop out on the scene and become rock stars. They paid their dues. They did their work. They developed the relationships and the acts in order to become Lady Gaga, for example.

So think in terms of not just this job search, but more importantly every job search that you do in the future. That even while you’re doing great work and that you're happy doing what you're doing where the doing it, you are going to be doing things to help people learn about you, to find out about you, to understand you and trust you and thus want to hire you, rather than an absolute stranger that they know nothing about.

Branding is the thing that gives you the edge. It is the thing that says, “that's The Big Game Hunter. He knows what he's talking about.” That's how good a brand that is.

So I want you think, not in terms of being me or Lady Gaga. I want you to think in terms of what you, but for can do to develop a reputation that others will like and trust, not for this job search, but for every other one that you are involved with from this point on,

I hope you found this tip helpful and if you want to find out more advice come over my website, There is a lot more there.

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a coach who worked in recruiting for what seems like one hundred years. He is the head coach for and

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