Dating and Job Interviews: They Have a Lot in Common

Do you remember your first blind date or fix up?

Your friend tells you wonderful things about the person. How wonderful they are? Handsome or gorgeous appearance. Extremely successful.

Maybe you were a teen and your friend set you up their their brother or sister.

Going to a job interview is like going on a blind date. Each of you has been told the other one is fabulous (by the recruiter) and then you meet them and . . . well, sometimes it’s love and sometimes it isn’t.

So, like a blind date, you want to be yourself AND you want to create a terrific first impression. After all, if you don’t create a terrific first impression, its hard to find love.

Professionally, I tell people that 60% of getting a job is accomplished before you set foot in the door of your employer in that each of you believes they have something the other one wants.

20% is convincing one another that what you’ve been told about each other is true. 20% is completely subjective.

Thus, it is important to create that strong first impression and desire just like someone does in a call before a first date.

On a job interview, like on a date, the first ten minutes are critical . . . if there is little attraction, it will be hard to create later and hard to get hired. So make the first 10 minutes count by thanking them for making time to speak with you and asking them to talk with you about the job and what you can do to help them.

Asking this first works with almost any level of job because it makes your potential employer describe what they are actually looking for in a new employee at the beginning of the interview so tghat you can tailor your answers to their question to what they are looking for (Most people make the mistake of talking about what they have done professionally and not talking about what they’ve done that the employer or date cares about). Without linking what you have done to what they care about, you risk having a boring date.

And like a date, there is a point where you are asked if you have some questions. Since you have started the interview by asking about the job, you can’t ask about the job now so be prepared with some great questions of your own (if you can’t come up with any, order a copy of “No B.S. Questions You Should Ask on Any Interview: They Want Honest Answers from You. Demand the Same From Them Too“).

And, then, like the well mannered date, remember to send a thank you note telling them you had a great time!

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