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Cx5=PL: What Every Company Looks for When They Hire (VIDEO)

Cx5=PL: What Every Company Looks for When They Hire (VIDEO)


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses the key elements firms assess for when they interview.  This is an older video. Skip over the introduction and get to the meet.


I want to talk with you about what firms look for when they hire someone. I've distilled it down to a math formula – –Cx5=PL. it is really what every firm is assessing for when they hire someone.

The 1st "C" that they are looking for comes from the fact that they have developed a job description. They are looking for skills COMPETENCE. We all know from our own experiences that not everyone who gets hired is competent. There obviously some other attributes that come into play, too-- soft skills that firms look out for.

The 2nd "C" that firms look out for is self-CONFIDENCE. This is the ability to exude passion and enthusiasm for what you do, that causes them to believe that you can do what they need you to do.

The 3rd "C" is CHEMISTRY. This is how you fit into an organization. Generally, firms say that they want to hire individuals for staff roles who are "team players" as opposed to "lone wolves" or "Mavericks." I really have no idea how they assess for that. That is however what they say they are looking for.

The 4th "C" is CHARACTER. Do you have character? Are you a character? Do you demonstrate both to them at the time of your interview? Some jobs really want "a character." Some jobs require that they hire someone with character; other positions require someone with both. Firms will want to get a feel for that when they interview.

The 5th "C" in this formula is my personal favorite – – CHARISMA. Charismatic people always do better than non-charismatics. I can demonstrate that to you by pointing out that we look at a few of our recent presidents – – Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama. Completely different people with completely different policies. Yet America, love them all. Why? Objectively, it doesn't fit. In point of fact, it was just something about them that when they walked into her room, people love them.

All 5 of these "C's" all add up to PL. PERSONAL LEADERSHIP. This is the quality that says that you inspire confidence that you are the solution to a need.

When firms interview, it's not like they're going to turn around and say, "So, are you a leader?" "Yes. Great! That's the answer were looking for!" It doesn't work that way.

They look for behaviors that demonstrate congruence with the image of a leader. As such, is not just what you say that matters. It's how you carry yourself in the course of the interview and it's congruence with their image of how someone should conduct themselves the counts.

Every question they ask as a macro and micro component to it. The macro is the big picture of your background and how it is congruent with their image of someone who would be in this role. The micro is the minutia-- the answer to the question. Your behavior has to demonstrate you carrying yourself in a way that is congruent with someone in this job.


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