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How Can I See Another Persons’ LinkedIn Profile Without Them Knowing? (VIDEO)

There are two ways to do it.


The question is, "I look at a LinkedIn profile without them knowing?"

There are 2 ways that I know of. The 1st 1 is using your privacy settings on LinkedIn. If you go to your LinkedIn page and click on your photo (or the grayed out photo) at the very top right above the ribbon will give you access to your privacy settings (I think it actually says "Account and Privacy Settings"). When you go there you want to specifically go and click on the option toward the top-- Privacy.

Within there, Profile==> Viewing==> Options. In that area, you will see that you have a few choices. One is that people can actually see your name and your choice and you can also demonstrate what it is that you do. For example, in my case it says Life==> Professional Coach in the human resources industry. Why get says, "life," I have no idea.

Then, there is another option that says, "Anonymous LinkedIn Member." Oooooo! it's almost like having the bogeyman there.

That's one option. You can make access to what someone else sees private. As I understand it, if you choose the completely private option, LinkedIn stops carrying statistics about you. For example, if you want to know how you rank in the role that you are in, they are not going to give you any data about that. For example, I rank either 1st or 2nd for people in "search" (Note, I no longer do recruiting) in my network. My ranking depends upon the number of articles that I write, the number of views that I get . . Stuff like that. You don't get any data about that anymore if you choose that option. If that doesn't matter to you, that's great.

Option number 2 is doing search outside of LinkedIn. For example, you can use a site like a Google custom search engine that I created where someone can search LinkedIn profiles, specifically within the US. I have to do Boolean search and, within that, if I were looking for people within a particular geographic area, I have to use the LinkedIn naming convention for that particular area.

It doesn't say New Jersey, for example. It may say, "New York metropolitan area." Find the convention for the area that you are searching. The skills in the Boolean search AND the location in parenthesis or quotation marks. This allows you to see information without someone seeing that you are looking at them unless you actually click through.

Those are the 2 ways that I know of. If you know something else, leave a comment in the notes for this video letting people know what it is, I will test it out and comment on it.

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