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Being Accountable | Job Search Radio

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter encourages you to be accountable for your actions when you are job hunting.​


1 of the amazing phenomena that I find time and again is a job applicant who misses a call time that they scheduled with me and never acknowledges it.

I wanted to turn that around.

If the employer didn't call at a specified time or missed interview, would you be angry? Of course. What you be frustrated? Would you worry? Would you doubt yourself for or the firm? Of course you would. Why don't you think the reverse is true? Why do you think you get a pass when you miss an appointment and don't make apologies or offer an explanation?

When you don't account for your actions, what ultimately happens is an employer starts to wonder about your character. And you know that competence, self-confidence, CHARACTER, chemistry and charisma all translate into personal leadership in the evaluation process.

You don't want to give them any reason to doubt you. At the beginning of the process. You want to build up a head of steam where they trust you, where you are likable and there are no red flags in their mind that make them hesitate about making the offer.

If you are going to miss an appointment, send them an email, send them a text, but a quick call in and give them a heads up. If you miss it and reschedule, provide an explanation when you speak with them. It's not that tough!

"The meeting ran long. I'm so sorry. I wasn't in control of the meeting agenda. It went long. There was no way I could extricate myself. Please accept my apologies. Can we do the call at such and such time?"

It's real simple. Not making mention, not making an apology, very bad form..

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is an executive job search and leadership coach who worked as a recruiter for what seems like one hundred years.
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