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Being a Real Leader on Job Interviews | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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EP 861 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter points out the false “Hollywood Leadership Model,” defines what leadership really is and encourages you to show it on your interviews.


Today I want to talk with you about expressing your leadership on interviews.  Some people have the silly idea that people are born leaders, they are completely charismatic. It's like they walk into a room and the seas part and the heavens open up… And it's wrong.

In point of fact, most leaders are individuals who are passionate about what they do, can make a case for themselves and cause people to suddenly say, "I want to follow them."  Let me give you an example.

Whether you like his politics were not Pres. Obama is someone (communicated case out of his life) who, as teenager,  got high regularly, didn't show up for classes and is now president of the free world.  Is it they just hypnotized people along the way?  I don't think so.  Along the way, he exhibited qualities that cause people to trust him, unlike him and respect him.  There have certainly been a lot of people who have said, "No," to him along the way.  Yet, there was a and perseverance and determination about him that brought him to where he is today.

Again, let's not get into the politics.  I'm talking about the personal qualities the man has.

So, when you are interviewing, what is a firm looking for?  I talked about competence, self-confidence, character, chemistry, charisma, personal leadership.  This is the part of the conversation I'm having with you weren't talking with you about complete belief, your complete self-confidence. And, understand, people will say no to you.  It's not as though, again, the heavens will part and the seas will open up.  You need to display qualities that cause people to trust you, to have belief in you and have belief that you are the solution to a problem.  How do you do that?

I was listening to a podcast recently where Seth Godin was talking about You have no answers.  Most people walk into interviews and they are arrogant and they can tell an employer what they are doing wrong.  You 1st have to listen.  One may ask you, "How do you think you can help us," answer, "I don't know.  What problems do you have?  What issues do you have?  What have you tried so far?  I don't want to presume I know anything about your environment and make suggestions to you that are pointless.  You know, far more about this than I do.  Tell me what you have done so far.  Tell me what I can help you with."  Big difference in attitude!  My encouragement to you is to be someone who inspires confidence. Be the leader that you can be.

I was listening to a podcast recently where Seth Godin was talking about the ASPCA which most people don't know was originally an organization that puts animals to sleep.  Through the efforts of one person whose name I don't recall right now, they 1st set up a trial in San Francisco of no kill.  This man, who fought hard for this was supposed every step along the way.  He was nondescript. He was the antithesis of what in our Hollywood style culture is seen as a leader.  But he had faith, determination and persistence in him, that even though opponents flew in in the early 20th century to oppose his opinions, he still worked at it and persisted and eventually found the group of individuals to support them.  Eventually made that trial environment in San Francisco work.

He then took it elsewhere.. All the while he was the individual who was nondescript and, again, not exactly the image of a leader.  However, he became a leader.  He became someone who inspired belief in his ideas.  You can do that to you and you need to show that on your interviews.

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a coach who worked as a recruiter for what seems like one hundred years. His work involves life coaching, as well as executive job search coaching and business life coaching. He is the host of “Job Search Radio,” “No BS Job Search Advice Radio,” and his newest show, “No BS Coaching Advice.”

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