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Behind on Your Goals? (VIDEO)

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As I record this is the middle of July and it seems like a great time to start looking at what you might be able to do. If you notice that you are behind on your goals, this strategy can be used to help you at any time with situations where you’re not accomplishing what you set out to do.


I thought that I would talk with you about how to deal with goals that you are behind on. The thought came to mind because, as I record this, it is the beginning of July, and we are at the halfway mark of the year. It can be done at any time, but I thought this would be a good time to offer this to you.
I was looking at a few of mind and so I was behind on a few things and others, I am doing extremely well with and others are not doing so well with., The thought of want to offer you is that, as you look at your list, noticing that you might behind on 9 of the things that are on your list, to you're okay with in one. You are right on the money with, here is what you do.

Pick one. Focus in on that one. Zero in on what you needed to do going into the year that you have been ignoring and just work on that. It's kind of like what Dave Ramsey preaches with how you deal with debt. He doesn't talk about dealing with all your debt simultaneously. He talks about focusing in on your smallest debt 1st and eliminate that. Then he says, go to the next one.

He doesn't talk about interest rates were focused on the interest rate. He just says get rid of your smallest at 1st and then go to the next smallest. Get a win. That's what you should be doing. Look at your goal list and pick the easiest thing on the list. Start working on it and get a win.

Have some fun with it. I have to say that you should have some fun because if you treated like just another task, it's going to feel like drudgery to you and you not to want to do it. Figure out a way where you can make it fun for yourself. From there, go to the next one and then the one after that.

If you don't complete all the items on your list by the end of the year, just ask yourself why it was there, what prompted you to put it there. Then, ask yourself what you learned from this? In hindsight, what you've done differently in order to be effective?

To be clear, this isn't about being punitive. This is just about learning from the experience because what I think happens to most of us now that we are adults is that we get into this time where we beat ourselves up or are unkind to ourselves when what we could be doing is learn from our experiences and work to correct them going forward.

You may not have completed something within a year, but, heck, you may get it done by the beginning of the next year.

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