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It’s Hard to Avoid This Interview Mistake | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 778 I point to one of the mistakes job hunters make when interviewing in person or doing a video interview.


I see a lot of mistakes that people make and this 1 is geared toward job hunters. It can occur in an in person interview and they can occur in a video interview. What you're doing when you make this mistake is tipping offices of nerves that you have that you want to disguise for better.

What I'm doing as I record this is sitting in a swivel chair and rocking from side to side. I'm actually feeling calm this morning, so this is quite a bit of an act for many people I talk with by Skype, some version of video interviewing whether it's FaceTime or some other way our talk to a person, I see them rocking in the chair a little bit. You not disguising you nerves. It's really that simple.

If you are doing a video interview, you want to have a basic chair. No swivel to it. If the role, if you are nervous. I don't want to be revealed this way. I would rather have you use you nerves with your hands so that you use your hands to emphasize things as you speak.

If you are sitting with me, my hands to be about waist high as I'm talking. But when were talking now, when speaking with your hands you want to use them to illustrate going point by point by point. You can illustrate that with your hands and I am flicking them as I would an interview.

You never want to cross your hands across her face. You may want to frame your face at times, or frame your body at times with your hands. Never EVER block your face because there was a signal and that about hiding... At least that the signal the people are trained to believe that the behavior indicate (I think it's a case of nervous energy, but this is again how people are trained).

At the end of the day, you always ALWAYS want to demonstrate being firm, certain, confident and rocking chair turns you back in the being a little boy your little girl back in public school sitting at a desk, maybe being brought up in front of the teacher... All that sort of nonsense. You don't need that.

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