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Ask The Big Game Hunter: The Offer and The Interview (VIDEO)


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers a question from someone who has one job offer and has been invited to have an on site interview at a better company.


I have another question that someone asked of me. This 1 is a fun one. "Should I delay signing an offer letter? I have an opportunity for an on-site with a better company."

It is what we don't know. We don't know what the better companies interview process is like. Isn't one interview and a job offer? 5 interviews? How long do they plan on taking? Usually, the answer is "We will take as long as we need to in order to come to a good decision for ourselves. We are not going to get bullied into brushing our process."

On the other hand, "burning hand is worth 2 in bush." It's never quite that easy.

What I would do is sign the offer letter and accept it. And here's where it gets obnoxious. You then go continue interviewing with the other firm.

Why do I say that? I know HR people and hiring managers will tell me I am an awful human being. But the fact of the matter is organizations do what is right for them. Job hunters need to start learning that lesson for themselves, too. When times get tough, whichever firm you join, may lay you off. Don't feel this notion of chivalry, of respecting these other firms is a value that they are going to reciprocate.

Again, what I would do is sign the offer letter, continue interviewing, satisfy your curiosity because at the end of the day, you don't want to lose in an acceptable offer. You also don't want to lose an opportunity with a firm that intrigues you. You haven't mentioned anything about comparing the jobs so I'm working with the assumption that the positions are comparable. And they may not be. The only way that you're going to find out if they are comparable or better, with the hiring manager and the people you'll be working for and with our better is by interviewing with them. I know that's really what you want to do so just go out and do it.

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