Are You Starting to See Resignations Yet?

Not long ago, I wrote about the return of competition to the job offer process by relaying a story of someone I was working with, a C level professional who received multiple quality offers from substantial firms, one of whom extended an offer within 10 days of initial contact.

In that article, I encouraged you to have every participant in the hiring process “sell” a candidate on joining your firm.

Now I want to point out something that if you haven’t already experienced it, I assure you that you will– your current staff may be on the job market looking for work. What are your leaders, both executive and departmental, and your HR professionals doing to insure that your best performers are not poached or aren’t heading out the door to your firm’s competitors?

And in this time in history, what are you doing to insure that your firm’s reputation as a place to work isn’t being slammed by a disgruntled person? Remember, one disgruntled worker can keep ten exceptional talents from joining your firm by creating doubt.