Applying For a Job Using Indeed Is Great Except . . .

If you are going to apply for jobs using the job board, is a terrific platform to use. After all, it aggregates content from many many different sites into one convenient place.

It also offers the capability to upload your resume to their site and apply for jobs using one click.

The site is terrific except for one little thing: it does not provide your ZIP Code when you use the one click feature. It provides your name and phone numbers as well as your city and state but no ZIP Code.

Why does this matter?

Once your resume is in a corporate or recruiter database without a ZIP Code you will never be found again when they do a search to fill positions.


When all of us to searches to fill a job we know the location of our client or the location of the site the client wants to recruit for. For the purpose of illustration let me use New York as an example.

I want to fill a job in the 10016 ZIP Code of Manhattan. I go into my trusty little database and run a search for people within a 25 mile radius of that ZIP Code. You may live in another section of New York City but if indeed provided the resume I won’t find you because the ZIP Code field is empty because indeed never gave me your ZIP Code.

You may say, “Why don’t you use a person’s area code to find someone?”

Because phone numbers are now portable, if I search by area code I may be calling people in Tucson Arizona, or elsewhere in the country who at one time lived in New York but have now moved elsewhere.

In addition, if the resume you provided indeed didn’t even include your city and state of residence, there is absolutely no way that I will know where you live.

At a minimum, every resume you submit to an employer or agency should include city, state and ZIP Code as well as your phone number in order to make it easy for people to contact you.


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