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7 reasons why you need personal business cards, and 7 facts to include on them

By Bob McIntosh, CPRW, MBTI

This post garners the most views of any of my others. I’ve included a link to Jeff Altman’s video on personal business cards. Watch it.

A funny story I tell my workshop attendees is about how I ordered 250 personal business cards on, only to find when I opened them that I’d spelled my occupation wrong: “worksop facilitator.”

There went 250 personal business cards into the trash.

I’m ashamed to put this in print, but I’m making a point; make sure you spell-check your order before submitting it. This is hardly the point of this blog post, though.

The overlying message is that, as a job seeker, there are seven reasons why you need  personal business cards and seven facts you must include on them.