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6 Tactics for Growing Your Network (VIDEO)

Jeff has been networking for years and offers 7 tactics you can employ to build your network.


This video is really about networking and has nothing to do a job search. It's about building your network.. It doesn't matter where you are in life because frankly you're going to discover the value Of your network is going to be instrumental in your personal and professional success. I speak for myself About the relationships I've developed being involved with one group or another Where I have grown to know, like, love, care , help many individuals At different stages in life, allowing them to grow and myself along the way..I didn't go into it with the idea of being helped but I have received an enormous amount of help at different times.

I want to talk with you about how to build a network. It really starts off with making time. I know this is been a challenge for me at different times and I paid the price for it.

At times, all wake up and hit myself in the head And realize that I've been so immersed in task that I haven't taken the time to cultivate my relationships.So the 1st step is really making the time.

2. Network when you don't need help.You don't always want to be seen as the person who is needy. "I need you to help me to do something.I want an introduction to so and so.I would like a job."Whatever it is, you don't want to be the needy person. You wantTo be out there helping others. So network when you don't want anything in particular.

3. As you build your network, there are going to be some people who are going to appear more advantageous than others. Emphasize the ones that are more important to you, But don't neglect the weak ties. It is often in those, the secondary and tertiary relationships that you develop, that a lot of success comes up. I knew that when I was transitioning into coaching. there was a conclusion client referred to me who I barely knew, but he believed I could help this person. I was very helpful in coaching this person into a new role. Never neglect your weak ties but always emphasize your primaries.

4. Remind people who you are and that you are open to helping them. People have this silly notion that it takes one contact and then all sorts of stuff is going to happen for them. Unfortunately, it doesn't take one connection; it takes multiple "touches"The resulting you helping people and you being helped. Be out there doing multiple touches to people making sure that they know that you are open to helping them.

5. Endorse them on LinkedIn. People LOVE to see that they've gotten endorsements on LinkedIn.. Where you have a real relationship where you can critique someone and that they have a business you can do it on Facebook as well. Give them an endorsement. I am not talking about little check off boxes on LinkedIn. I'm talking about writing something up that demonstrates that you really know them and that you can refer them. Social proof is a big part of how someone becomes successful.Like they say in some of the business networks, "Give more. Get more." "Givers gain." The more that you give, the more that you wind up receiving.If you expected to be like a bank account where you put something in a you get something out, sorry folks, it doesn't work that way. Often, it takes time and effort for something to pay off.

For example, you work in an organization and work for someone at that firm. They go to work somewhere else and you don't have contact with them for a lengthy period of time. But that investment that you made where you mentor them or perhaps they mentored you may pay off later on in the situation coming to you.

6. Make a point of checking in, Particularly with your strong ties, particularly during the holidays. People love to hear what's going on. Make sure you just check in. You don't have to say, "Find a way, do you know of any jobs that are open?" Just say, "Hi! How are you?"

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